18 thoughts on “Timelapse: Lean Manufacturing at Hallagan Furniture”

  1. If only we could really work that fast. We would have more holidays – or
    get twice as much done!

  2. It’s hilarious that the brutal rape scene in A Clockwork Orange was also a
    time-lapse with the exact same music. A bit of the old *ultra violence.* Oh
    my brothers…

  3. Thanks for sharing. People never realize how labor intensive upholstery can
    be. I had my eye on one sofa in the video but never got to see it finished
    darn it. You big tease!

  4. automated cutters do a lousy job of flow matching and full designing
    fabric, but ok on plain fabric, bottom line is auto cutters do not produce
    a quality product and cost jobs to hand cutters who have trained for years
    and worked as skilled labor and also cut wages. But thats ok hey you paid a
    millon for that auto cad cutter, who cares if it hurts the midddle class
    skilled working man or woman!

  5. Where do you sell the furniture at? I am looking for a couple of chairs
    with tied springs. 

    • The kind of Hallagan furniture shown here is sold in various retail stores
      located throughout the Northeast (USA). Most of these stores are small,
      independent shops. If you check out http://hallaganfinefurniture.com they
      have a contact page with an email address you can use to get more details.

    • +Andrew Hallagan Thank you for responding but I am not on the east coast.
      I have been looking for a well built couch with durable upholstery like I
      bought 25+ years ago. The fabric has finally taken to showing its age and
      the cushions have lost an inch of height. I want one built just like it
      was. You seem to be doing that.

  6. This is a fun video to watch. I never thought furniture making was so

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