20 thoughts on “Lean Manufacturing Example Toyota Plant Kentucky”

  1. @videoslacker You’re comparing two completely different things here dude.
    Let’s keep the argument to manufacturing in the 21st century at least so we
    are on the same playing field. Fact is Japanese work ethic (not accepting
    “good enough” attitude) shows in their product quality. Before you hit me
    with an emotional response go out and compare a Toyota vehicle made in
    Japan (Yaris, Prius, FJ, Scions) to those made in US (Camry, Tacoma,
    Tundra, etc) and you will see major differences in quality.

  2. @mrzeolite Sir, I still label you a person that is basically saying that a
    nation of roughly 300 million are lazy. That is blatant generalization and
    racism no matter how you look at it(emotional or not). Are you saying that
    Americans cannot make good stuff at all? If that is the case, then I can
    name two hand built US made cars that truly are high-end machines; The Ford
    GT and the SSC Ultimate Aero(I call it the speed demon). Oh, and look up
    Nelson Racing Engines while you’re at it.

  3. @TheBestRecyclers My pal is the largest exporter in USA Autos, Mechanisms
    to Venezuela. We would collect 1000’s motors, trans, everything. We would
    fill up a 10 x 10′ bin in 20 minutes with nut and bolts alone from
    recycling and R&R repairables Auto Parts, scrap, rebuildable motors,
    purchase 100’s of motors daily Start out daily with 50k or 100k hit all the
    yards, with 300 employees, trucks waiting to unload huge bins of Trans,
    Eng, rear ends ETC at the Plant 55 gal drums brass etc.

  4. @TheBestRecyclers Their aluminum shredder was non stop all day all night,
    they would pop open the Catalytic Converters save the contents.

  5. @videoslacker He said they imposed a higher quality there; not the kind of
    “good enough” patted on a shoulder and move on like in Kentucky or Canada.
    That is why there are parts shortage, because quality doesn’t mean
    quantity. And quantity often are cheap or risky or lawsuit or billions of
    dollar in damage for the company, priceless for the consumers. Trust and
    brand cost time and money or a lot more in money!

  6. Eh, Toyota should know the risks it undertaking for open a plant in such a
    place. I would at least study the area before open one. Did you watch rise
    of planet of the apes? definitely a worthwhile re-thinking of human
    behavior and emotion. Best place in the region would be Alabama. Best place
    in the region to sell cars would probably be Texas.

  7. @UnitedPebbles Nevermind, I thought this video was for the Mississippi
    plant. Hahaha Toyota will regret it.

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  10. Where are the lean concepts? One of the main concepts that i know of is the
    concept of work cells, and this doesn’t look to me like that.

  11. You are Toyota, so step it up with your quality of video. You need to check
    my site out for real lean thinking and way better quality video, just shot
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