Four Principles Lean Management – Get Lean in 90 Seconds

Learn about Lean Management Principles and how they can help your company eliminate waste and create value for your customers.

Four Principles – The Lean Management Experts
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21 thoughts on “Four Principles Lean Management – Get Lean in 90 Seconds”

    • ‘Kaizen’ is ‘continuous improvement’ and it is mentioned as that. Kaizen is
      not a principle, it is a long-term aim of a lean-thinking business which
      requires meeting several little objectives using these principles and other

  1. First week in a R.I.E. Meeting and I must say that the lean process works
    if strategically implemented in the work place. I for one agree on
    obtaining using a nd sustaining the lean process .

  2. Very good demonstration of lean. Pretty systematic and easily showcased. I
    am a lean trainer- just wondering if I can use this video to show to the
    audience during my next lean training??

  3. Simple and easy to understand video! Very nice!

  4. Awesome Video!
    I show this video to my trainees whenever I impart Lean training. It’s such
    a sweet, crisp and catchy video that I love watching this more and more.

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